Myths in Rural Healthcare: Close-to-Home Care

Many rural healthcare facilities may believe that "close-to-home" is a strong strategy. But using it as the primary messaging simplifies what you have to offer.


Size Doesn't Matter

Whether it's planning, branding, PR or creative advertising development, we've done it all. See our success stories here...


Speaking Your Language

Promoting quality, reputation management and competing with big hospitals are just a few hot topics you can hear about firsthand.

In Concert with Healthcare

We have a unique 360° view of healthcare marketing because our team members have worked on both the agency and client side.

It also helps that Legato is a member of several healthcare and marketing associations, which keeps us on top of emerging trends and industry news. Our affiliations include:

affiliate-ami.jpgaffiliate-nrha.jpgaffiliate-rwhc.jpg affiliate-shsmd.jpg affiliate-whprms.jpg

Many agencies market healthcare. Some even specialize in it. But few focus specifically on Rural Health, Specialty Clinics and Medical Equipment. We do.

This means no time is wasted getting to know your environment; we can get to work right away.

We also bring you the advantage of knowing what has worked for other clients in similar environments and what has not. This real-world experience helps us develop business and marketing plans that produce results. Our clients have seen significant increases in patient volumes and physician visits, record-breaking profits and greater market share.

We can do the same for you.




When you have limited marketing resources and budgets, it's more important than ever to put what you do have into the areas that will achieve the greatest results. This requires prioritization and focus. Something not so easily done when there are so many internal demands to market every capability you have.

We can help you identify where and how to optimize your marketing resources to build a competitive advantage, and ultimately, add to your bottom line.

We develop strategies that work.

We've helped:

  • A critical access hospital maintain or increase revenue for 48 straight months
  • Increase new patient volumes for a rural hospital by 15% when they expected a 10% loss due to increased competition
  • A rural hospital see an $80,000 increase in heart and vascular new patient revenue and a $1,644,000 increase in catheterization lab procedure revenue

The National Rural Health Association (NRHA) selected Legato to be its exclusive marketing partner because of our expertise and reputation for success in rural healthcare marketing.


Specialty clinics typically don't have the luxury of in-house marketing services, so your business growth relies heavily on patient and physician referrals. But who's marketing to them? If you aren't, someone else is.

We can be your marketing department.

As healthcare specialists ourselves, we know better than anyone how to market specialty healthcare. We can help:

  • Identify and implement strategies to build a distinct brand
  • Increase physician referrals
  • Create patient demand
  • Provide reputation management

Most important, we know what patients want to hear to inspire confidence in your physicians and, ultimately, your clinic.

We deliver profitable results.

  • An orthopedic clinic increased new patient visits by 23% after just 10 months of marketing campaigns.
  • When the same clinic opened a Walk-In Care, the goal was to see 5 patients a week. However, within just a couple months of a Legato marketing campaign, the Walk-In Care saw an average of 3.4 patients per day.



CEOs, physicians, specialists, diagnostic technicians, marketing directors and even patients can be influential in a healthcare organization's decision to purchase medical equipment. Your sales success will be determined by how well you understand their mindsets.

From large health networks to rural health hospitals and specialty clinics, we know who the decision makers are, how to reach them, what motivates them to buy and how to turn that motivation into action.

We can do this by:

  • Shaping messaging that resonates with healthcare audiences
  • Training marketing and sales teams how to speak the language of healthcare
  • Developing targeted sales and marketing materials
  • Building a comprehensive sales database
  • Developing pilot programs to test sales and marketing strategies
  • Providing ongoing marketing support to you and your clients

Healthcare organizations want advanced technology to be competitive, so the reason to buy is there. But, the cost of high-end medical equipment might be preventing them from doing so. Your charge is to convince them why they can't afford not to. We can help you do that, because we know what they want to hear. And it goes well beyond features and benefits of your product.




Legato is a musical term that describes the process of keeping various elements of music in harmony with one another. Legato Healthcare Marketing serves as the conductor, striking harmony among the myriad of healthcare issues, and developing results-driven, strategic marketing solutions.

Legato Healthcare Marketing is in concert with healthcare.


Because healthcare is our only focus, we are always in tune with the challenges healthcare organizations face and see opportunities others might not. So whether it's healthcare reform, physician recruitment or declining reimbursement, we have the expertise needed to develop results-driven, strategic marketing solutions to keep your organization's goals in harmony with the current healthcare landscape.


To stay current with healthcare and marketing trends, Legato takes a leadership role in many industry organizations, including:

affiliate-whprms.jpg Legato Team members are all involved with the Wisconsin Healthcare Public Relations & Marketing Society. Legato President, Mike Milligan, is a WHPRMS Fellow and currently serves as President-Elect.
affiliate-nrha.jpg Legato is the exclusive marketing partner of the National Rural Health Association.
affiliate-shsmd.jpg Legato Team members are all part of the Society for Healthcare Strategy & Market Development.

Legato is a corporate partner of the Rural Wisconsin Health Cooperative.


Agency Management Institute is a group of agency affiliates who support each other across the U.S.


Meeting objectives and happy clients are what we strive for with each campaign. But it's always fun to win awards! Here are some of our recent accolades.



  • Bone & Joint Physician Promotion Radio
  • Southwest Health Center SAWS Radio





  • Southwest Health Center Physician Referral Direct Mail






Virtual Face Time

We have an office in every city… thanks to the power of virtual face time.

Our office is equipped with audio/visual equipment so that our whole team can be "at your office" in a moment's notice through Skype or GoTo Meeting. This helps ensure that no matter how close or far away a client is, we are still able to have valuable face-to-face interactions.

And because face time is essential to the collaborative nature of our business, we provide each of our clients a webcam, if needed.





There are speakers who can address healthcare in general. But rural healthcare is not a "general" subject matter. As a rural healthcare organization, you have unique challenges and opportunities. The information we share in our presentations will equip rural hospitals and clinics to develop strategic business and marketing solutions that address the challenges you face today.

Presentation Topics

1)    National Healthcare and Rural Hospitals: Only the Strong Will Survive. Only Those Who Market Will Succeed.

Even without the marketing budget of a big-city hospital, you can compete-and succeed. You just need the right strategy to find the open opportunities they're missing and the creativity to market them. It's a must for the changing environment resulting from national healthcare reform.

In this presentation you'll get an inside look at the Legato Planning Process that has given our rural healthcare clients successful competitive advantage over the "big dogs." It's an in-depth, four-step process that encompasses internal and external perceptions and behaviors; business goals; and the competitive landscape. With it, we develop a strategic communications program your organization will "own" because your leaders are involved in its construction.

Your group will receive practical tips and planning materials that can be put to immediate use in your organization.

2)    Survival of the Smartest: How to Remain Independent or Consolidate.

Learn how we've helped other healthcare organizations securely position themselves for continued independence or profitable consolidation.

We'll talk about the steps needed from both business and marketing perspectives. This isn't a simple level-setting presentation. It's a comprehensive deep dive into expectations and benchmarks, projected outcomes, pain points and operational improvements. All of which are necessary to develop a strategic business and marketing plan to achieve your hospital's future goals.

3)    Reputation Management: If You Don't Do It, Someone Else Will. And You Might Not Like It.

You've invested a lot of time and money in building your brand. Unless you effectively manage the reputation of your healthcare organization and your physicians, that investment could take a serious hit.

Reputation management encompasses a lot of territory. In this presentation, we cover all of the bases-many of them overlooked by even the most diligent hospitals and clinics. We spell out what reputation management means, how to do it and what you can do to leverage marketing initiatives to support your efforts.

4)    You Have Something Big City Hospitals Don't.

New Research Reveals Surprising Marketing Opportunities for Rural Hospitals.

We partnered with an independent research firm to conduct a quantitative study of 1,000 Midwest consumers to learn how Gen X, Gen Y and Baby Boomers make decisions about rural and specialty healthcare.

Not only will we share our findings, we'll explain what they mean to your organization. You'll find out the best ways to target each demographic; which service lines are overlooked in marketing and why it pays to promote them. We'll also tell you why people choose health systems over primary care physicians or specialties as well as what your patients and prospects want to hear in your communications.

We made the investment. Now you can take advantage of the results.

5)    Getting Your Arms Around "Quality"

Government requirements for transparency in healthcare have hospitals scrambling to define, defend and promote "quality." Report cards rank hospitals from clinical quality to cost index ratings and everything in between. These rankings present new challenges and opportunities.

We'll share a recent case study that shows how we've partnered with Holy Family Memorial to make "quality" meaningful to patients, employers and the overall community. You'll get insider information about the development and implementation of a successful campaign that is making "quality" relevant to them. Holy Family Memorial's CEO, Mark Herzog, will co-present to share his insights from a C-suite perspective.

What do you want to know?

The topics listed here have been the most requested for presentation. However, if there are others you'd like us to address, please let us know. We're happy to tailor a presentation that's most relevant to your organization.

To discuss how your group can benefit from one of our presentations, or for more information, please call or e-mail Mike Milligan at:

Cell: 920.265.7488
Work: 920.544.8102




Upcoming Speaking Engagements:






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