What Gives?

Posted on October 19, 2011

By: Kris Whitton, Account Executive, Legato Marketing & Communications

There's no question the economy is suffering. Charitable organizations are especially feeling the pinch. So is a downturned economy the time to cut back on community giving? Absolutely not. It's more important than ever to give support.

This is your time to shine. Separate yourself from the pack with noticeable support to your community. As a healthcare organization, you have ample opportunities to show your long-term investment in your community's health and wellbeing-without putting great strain on your budget.

How? There are numerous charitable ways you can show dedication to the welfare of your community. You can't be involved in every charitable activity; be selective. Look at your mission and vision statements. What actions can you take in the community to help achieve them?

Choose a cause. If your organization is committed to providing the best possible orthopedic care, sponsor a run/walk event, offer a free one-day sports assessment clinic, discuss preventive measures to avoid injuries (it can get them in to see your hospital at the same time), encourage employees to join charity boards and/or associations, where they can help through their healthcare knowledge. And don't just sponsor an event, get employees out there to help. Think about activities that not only help your community, but will draw media attention as well. If a local food shelter holds an annual fundraiser, your organization should not only be a main sponsor of the event, it should also encourage employees to get involved.

Cross-sell. Take these opportunities to also talk our about other service lines you offer. If supporting orthopedics, talk about your rehab department, urgent care, and surgery offerings-service lines that complement orthopedic care.

Educate. Offer a series of free health-specific educational programs.  Focus on preventive measures and have service line promotions versus only selling your treatment capabilities. You're not only providing a free service to your community, you are getting them in the door to see your organization. Plus, when people need the care you've addressed, your healthcare organization will not only be top-of-mind, but also
will be seen as a healthcare authority.

Take advantage of the fact that other companies and organizations are cutting back. Show you won't turn your back on your community even during tough times. Remember, giving doesn't always mean funding. Giving your time also is a gift that can bring great rewards to the community and to yourself.

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