Are Your Employees Engaged? An Employee Engagement Video Can Do Double Duty For Your Healthcare Organization

Posted on April 2, 2012

mikem3_biggerBy: Mike Milligan, President Legato Marketing & Communications

What is the weirdest question you've ever asked your doctor?

This is the backbone of the "Everything Matters. Everyone Counts." video we helped create for Southwest Health Center (SHC) in Platteville, Wisc.

The video debuted in March at the Chamber of Commerce's "Business After Hours" event. It shows patients -played mostly by Southwest employees -asking the doctor some very strange questions like "Why can't I see my feet anymore?"

The point? To let the community know that no question is too silly when it comes to your health. We used this humorous approach to share a serious message about the importance of your annual physical and feeling comfortable discussing anything with your doctor.

This video was possible because of the employee participation. And it lets them be actively involved in SHC's marketing efforts.

That's the first benefit of an employee engagement video - it serves as a great marketing tool.

In the case of SHC, it allows the employees to be ambassadors of the SHC brand. They are part of the message, so now it's personal to them. Employee involvement also provides a connecting point for other members in the community who may know a hospital employee.

And this video serves as the perfect complement to traditional advertising too. Place the url on your print, radio and direct mail pieces and there's your call-to-action.

SHC's video is also an effective way to harness the power of the internet. YouTube and Facebook are free to use and once the video is on these sites, the sharing opportunities are endless. Employees can post it on their personal pages and easily forward it to friends and family.

Double Duty

We've discussed the first role an employee video plays, but what's the second?

It's employee engagement.

What I mean is having your employees fully involved in and enthusiastic about their work and the company they work for.

What's in it for employers?

Well… higher productivity, safer employees, more customer-focused employees and decreased absenteeism are a few of the benefits. In terms of hospitals, this can mean more efficient care and higher quality care.

Effective engagement can also help cut turnover costs. Show your employees that you genuinely care about them and in turn they will feel more loyal to their jobs and less apt to leave.

How to get engaged?

There are so many different ways to engage healthcare employees. Celebrating things like nurse's week, birthdays and work-related anniversaries, as well as setting up recognition programs to acknowledge exceptional work are some traditional methods.

But today we live in a much more social world, which is why a video like SHC's is an influential tool.

Proven examples

The following two cases demonstrate the engagement and marketing power of an employee video.

Created in 2010, St. Mary's of Michigan's "We are St. Mary's" dance video used 2,000 of the health system's employees.

It launched at the annual associates picnic, which prompted several thousand employees and their families to attend -a huge sign of engagement. The hospital also saw a 13 percent increase in their associate survey participation between 2009 and 2010.

But hospital employee videos probably got their biggest break with Providence St. Vincent Medical Center's "Pink Glove" video.

Employees, all wearing pink gloves, danced around the hospital to boost breast cancer awareness. This video went viral and now has over 1.3 million views on YouTube. It's also been the inspiration for many pink glove sequels.

Your call-to-act

Just think - 1.3 million views means that many people are seeing what a great place your organization is to work at and work with. And it was free to market to all of them via YouTube and Facebook.

So pick a cause that your employees can rally behind like SHC's "Everything Matters. Everyone Counts." or pick a service/department in the hospital that you want to promote. Either way, your video is serving double duty. It's getting your employees involved and it's getting your message out.

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To Pin or Not to Pin?

Posted on April 23, 2012

nicolehangartner_head2-e1335213473498By: Nicole Hangartner, Account Executive Legato Marketing and Communications

You've probably heard of Pinterest. It's the virtual pin board where users can post pictures and videos they find on the web into categories that fit any and all interests: crafts, animals, nature, technology and more.

So in terms of business, it makes sense for a retailer, a home and garden company or even a restaurant to use it. But is Pinterest right for your healthcare organization?

Three reasons why it is

1. Pinterest easily reaches your healthcare organization's primary target audience - women.

It's a known fact that women are the healthcare decision makers in a household, and it's also become very clear that the majority of Pinterest users are women. After doing a little research, I found that the percentage of users that are women ranges from 70% - 87%. And with over 10 million unique visitors, that's a lot of women on one site.

The average age of Pinterest users is 25 - 34 - the age where women are starting and growing their families. This is a prime age group to reach out to as they are probably starting to make a lot more healthcare decisions.

2. Pinterest boosts SEO and referral traffic.

Every photo or video you pin links back to the site it originally came from. So when someone clicks on a pin that links to your website, that's where they will be directed. And this does wonders for your search rank. Your rank will get better as you increase the number of links that tie back to your site.

Adding a "Pin It" button to your blog or website can help engage users and increase the potential reach of your website or blog. With this feature, people can pin things they find to their Pinterest boards - creating more links back to your website.

And if you're worried that your patients don't use Pinterest, link your boards to Twitter and Facebook. That way people who don't use Pinterest can still see what you're pinning.

3. Pinterest engages your current patients and reaches out to new ones.

On April 20, Ragan's Healthcare Communication News said that Pinterest hit 10 million unique monthly views faster than any other site in the United States. It's growing faster than any social networking site, so it's a great place to appeal to current and potential patients.

In that same article, I was shocked to learn that people spend, on average, a staggering 58.8 minutes each time they visit Pinterest! Compare this to the 30 seconds you have to grab and hold a patient's attention in a traditional radio or TV commercial.

Three ways you can use it

Now that you know you should, here are three easy ways your healthcare organization can actually use Pinterest.

1. Post Recipes

Pinterest is a great platform to post healthy recipes. This is relevant to your healthcare organization because you can post recipes that promote overall healthy living or you can post recipes that follow certain dietary restrictions. Like recipes that are diabetic friendly, heart disease friendly and allergy friendly.

2. Post Exercises

Just like recipes, posting simple to complex exercises and exercise plans can reach out to people who are looking to stay healthy or become healthier. You can also post exercises that speak specifically to sports injury or orthopedic patients.

3. Post Informational Brochures and Videos

Pictures and videos are much more engaging than a bunch of text on a page. If you give patients charts and videos to explain something, they are more likely to stay on your site. So upload brochures and pamphlets on common illnesses like the flu or strep throat. Also create videos like "How to treat minor cuts and burns" or "What to do if your child swallows something they shouldn't?"

These items provide helpful information on a platform where patients can easily share it with all of their own followers.

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