How Simple Videos Can Have Major Impact

Posted on September 5, 2012

nicolehangartner_head2-e1335213473498By: Nicole Hangartner, Account Executive Legato Healthcare Marketing

Looking for ways to connect and engage with your audiences on a deeper level? Try creating a video to provide health and wellness information that isn't for a specific health issue.

A perfect example is back-to-school; you can offer tips for parents and students to help make a smooth transition from summer days to school days. Specific health tips could include information about your healthcare organization's vision and hearing services and flu shots. All three are hot topics for back-to-school.

Or, as seen in the video below - produced by HealthDay TV and the American Academy of Pediatrics - you could provide general health and safety tips.

Back To School Basics Video

Your video doesn't have to be long or professionally produced. It could be as simple as taking a Flip Camera, interviewing your physicians, and posting it to your social media channels.

Are you currently using back-to-school to connect with your patients? Tell us about it.

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New Midwest Healthcare Study Reveals Surprising Results

Posted on September 28, 2012

Legato Healthcare Marketing and Matousek & Associates recently conducted a healthcare study to obtain current community perception data related to rural hospitals. Data from the 2012 Midwest Healthcare Study shed new light on how marketers can effectively target consumers.

While some of the results affirmed what many of us healthcare marketers already knew (remember: up-to-date affirmation is always a good thing), other data punched well-defined holes in common beliefs shared by many rural hospitals.

Surprise #1

Rural hospitals can grow service lines many have ignored in their marketing plans, such as stomach/digestive care.

That's not me, "Mike the marketing guy," talking. Those are your consumers saying they would choose their local hospital over a metropolitan hospital for stomach/digestive care. And you can effectively respond to them by using the 2012 Midwest Healthcare Study results as your marketing road map.

Find out more by reading the article featured in the September-October 2012 issue of Spectrum.

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