How Your CAH Can Build Surgical Volume

Posted on June 12, 2014


Rural hospitals across the country are looking for ways to increase surgery volume. But in their search for an elusive cure-all, many overlook opportunities right in their own backyard. Consider the following example:

Most rural hospitals serve an older demographic. With an aging population come age-related healthcare needs, like knee replacements. And the total number of knee replacement surgeries has soared 161.5% among Medicare participants over the past 20 years.

Let me put that into context for your CAH:

  • Today, about 4 million people - or 1 in 20 consumers over the age of 50 - have had knee replacement surgery.
  • That number is expected to grow to an estimated yearly demand of 3.48 million procedures by 2030.

Your CAH can leverage this opportunity, or opportunities like this, to immediately increase surgical volume by:

  • Developing a targeted marketing campaign for consumers 50+.
  • Implementing a strong PCP program to build relationships with physicians to help your CAH build surgical volume for the long term.
  • Managing the surgical process effectively, as described in this white paper.
  • Developing relationships with neighboring hospitals to share surgical teams and services. This recent article in The Rural Monitor highlights how robotic technology is expanding surgical capabilities of CAHs in Michigan, Minnesota and Washington.

What if your CAH doesn't have an orthopedic surgeon?

The principles are the same. There are many opportunities to develop relationships with specialists, whether they're independent or part of a system.

If you have questions about how your CAH can keep your surgery suites busy, give me a call at 920-544-8102 or send me an email at I have some ideas and case studies I'd be happy to share with you.

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