Insurance Industry Changes are Changing the Way Hospitals Communicate

Posted on January 27, 2015


The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has opened the floodgates to changes in the insurance industry. You already know about the Health Insurance Marketplace and other insurance exchanges. But have you heard about fast-growing startups like Zenefits?

Long story short, companies like Zenefits are tapping into the post-ACA insurance market. They're giving small to mid-size businesses and their employees new options to buy insurance online. No news there - but …

Now that consumers can easily compare coverage and costs, many are choosing plans with higher deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses. That means "value" is a hot button. But you know as well as I do that "apples to apples" comparisons rarely exist in the complex world of specialty services and surgeries.

Changes in the insurance industry also pose another challenge for hospitals. Many newly insured will have limited knowledge about their coverage or how the healthcare system works.

So what's a CAH to do? Change the way you communicate.

  • As more and more consumers begin to shop for "value," it's critical to provide them with information about quality of care as well as price.
  • Different patients need different types of pricing information based on their insurance coverage. For example, consumers with covered hospital services may be concerned about out-of-pocket expenses and may want to compare your hospital with another. Make it easy for them to get the information they need. If you don't, they'll simply move on to the next choice.
  • Consider creating videos to address frequently asked questions that consumers and patients can view from home or even on a tablet in your waiting room. You may have featured physicians in previous videos. This time, focus on FAQs that are answered by your billing expert and front-office staff on a daily basis. For example, feature a brief tutorial on basic insurance terminology.
  • Partner for prevention. You may already attend local health fairs to talk about nutrition or to give free blood pressure screenings. Consider inviting professionals from different health plans to join you and answer questions. Another option is to bring health plan representatives to your hospital for Q&A sessions.
  • Take another look at how you're advertising. As more patients gain coverage, hospitals can benefit from advertising to the newly insured with targeted messages.

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Harnessing the Marketing Power of the Digital World

Posted on January 13, 2015


Healthgrades. Facebook. Angie's List. Twitter. These are only a handful of online sites where prospective patients can learn about your healthcare organization and current patients can share their experiences. The power these sites have on consumer decisions can be intimidating, but also incredibly beneficial to your organization.

So needless to say, it's important to not only be aware of these places, but to also take an active part in the conversations - which can be done through strategic digital marketing efforts.

When approaching marketing in the digital world, there are two areas to think about:

  1. Building
  2. Protecting

"Building" covers the development of online elements you can control, like your website and online advertising. These tools ensure your audiences have access to accurate information about your facility and providers. They also help audiences form their first impression of your organization.

"Protecting" is managing online features you are not in complete control of, such as review sites or comments on social media. We call this online reputation management, and it involves:

  • Monitoring review sites and social media
  • Engaging with your online audiences to address negative and positive discussions
  • Being honest and transparent in communications

But you shouldn't think of "building" and "protecting" as two separate efforts. They go hand-in-hand when it comes to ensuring your organization is well represented online.

If you are interested in learning more about healthcare marketing in a digital world, attend our webinar this Thursday, January 15 at noon (CST). We will take a deeper look at several strategies to build your organization online, including modern web design and SEM, as well as effective ways to protect your online reputation.

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