Specialize in Pain Treatment, Not Painful Marketing

Posted on October 19, 2016

Specialize in Pain Treatment, Not Painful Marketing

By: Jared Christianson, Junior Copywriter

Injuries to bones and joints can happen to anybody. With the common nature of orthopedic conditions, it should be easy to attract new patients, right? Not without an effective marketing strategy!

Here are 7 steps for designing a successful marketing plan for your orthopedic clinic:

1. Address a diverse range of orthopedic services.

Focus the majority of your marketing on the most common injuries or treatments - such as shoulder, knee, and hip conditions and procedures - but remember to advertise a wide range of services and conditions. Whether it's spine care or foot and ankle treatments, many people don't realize that orthopedic clinics cover an extensive number of conditions.

2. Highlight your talented specialists.

Patients are drawn in by friendly and warm providers, so introducing them, in addition to highlighting your services, can help increase patient volume. Include a "Meet the Providers" section on your website, create YouTube videos interviewing some of the orthopedic surgeons, and post on social media about different staff members. People like when medical professionals seem accessible and up-to-date with social technology.

3. Show off the impressive features of your facility.

If your facility is modern, comfortable, and appealing to the eye, offer plenty of pictures and videos displaying the inviting features of your facility. Potential patients will see the modernity of your facility and assume that your healthcare and technology are equally new.

4. Come across as less traditional, yet still professional and innovative.

Orthopedic clinics treat patients ranging from kids to the elderly because injuries and pain can happen to anyone. Because of the wide variety of ages, you have to market to them all. Produce marketing campaigns covering anything from high school sports injuries to walking up the stairs safely after hip procedures. Patients appreciate advertising traditional services in a creative, modern fashion.

5. Advertise using broad networks.

As mentioned before, use social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to your advantage. Remember to also maintain traditional marketing strategies like direct mail campaigns and television and radio ads. The more coverage you provide through advertising, the more people you will reach. Examples can include a Facebook post about increasing football injuries because fall is arriving, or a television commercial about an older couple that is able to return to daily activities because of your clinic's services. To make the most effective use of these strategies, know where different audiences are and adopt your messaging to reach the right audience through the correct channel.

6. Use statistics to your advantage.

Every 1 out of 5 adults suffer from diagnosed arthritis. 90% of knee replacements last more than 10 years. Positive statistics like these influence patients dramatically. You can talk about the impressive outcomes from your treatments all you want, but facts and statistics are what stick.

7. Communicate the positive results.

We helped one orthopedic clinic increase new patient visits by 23% in just 10 months. Of course we are going to display that result for other people to see. When people notice positive results, they realize something good has to be happening at that clinic. They would rather go to an orthopedic clinic gaining patients than one losing patients.

All of these tips can help bring in more patients to your orthopedic clinic, but make sure to stay consistent when following them. Just because you created a few successful marketing plans doesn't mean it's time to relax. Always stay aware of new marketing strategies and upcoming trends. It will help separate you from your competitors.

If you want to learn more about marketing your orthopedic clinic, contact us today!

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