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Legato Healthcare Marketing Proudly Accepts National Awards - 2021

Legato Healthcare Marketing is proud to announce the acceptance of ten national awards from the 2021 Aster Awards and the 2021 Healthcare Advertising Awards program. Legat...

Webinar - Attracting the Next Generation of Patients

As the younger generation begins settling down and starting families, they require a completely different healthcare experience than preceding generations. This younger gen...

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From Patient Care Issues to Pandemics

A Crisis Communication Plan can help you be ready to respond     By Mike Milligan, President Legato Healthcare Marketing “Hospital executives admit to overpa...

Digital 101: How, When and Why to Add a Digital Boost to Your Existing Rural Marketing Strategy

By Carla Lee, Digital Marketing Strategist Legato Healthcare Marketing When you hear the words, “digital platform,” do they make you cringe, call for IT support – or create...

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