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Webinar - Professional Development: Elevating Your Role in Your Organization

Are you providing the best value to your organization? What expectations do C-Suite leaders have of you? Are there new experiences or training you need to maximize potent...

Announcing Upcoming Webinar: Targeting Your Rural Health Message For Maximum Results

How do I know what to communicate? What’s most important depends on who you ask, or sometimes who speaks the loudest. But, deciding how to invest limited resources shouldn’...

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Increase Revenue Without Increasing Your Marketing Budget

By Mike Milligan, President of Legato Healthcare Marketing  No one can dispute that COVID-19 caused a perfect storm for healthcare organizations across the country, crea...

6-Step Process to Elevate Your Role as a Marketing Professional in Your Organization

By Mike Milligan, President of Legato Healthcare Marketing  I have a question for anyone in healthcare marketing – whether you’re a CMO, marketing manager, PR specialist...

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