Legato Joins VSS Medical Technologies

Dec. 12, 2016

VSS Medical Technologies, Inc. today announced it purchased a majority interest in Legato Healthcare Marketing, Inc. on July 1st, 2016. VSS is a leader in healthcare technology solutions, specializing in software applications, revenue cycle management, and growth strategies for the healthcare industry.  VSS' shared ownership of Legato provides increased marketing services and opportunities for Legato's current and potential clients. Mike Milligan, President of Legato, will continue to manage the day-to-day business, in conjunction with the existing Legato management team.

The partnership with VSS allows Legato to participate in a larger network of healthcare organizations, providing more resources, services, and opportunities to expand. VSS sought out Legato due in part to Legato's national reputation and growth in the healthcare marketing field.

"We are thrilled," says Mike Milligan, "Our team's incredible and dedicated work has enabled this arrangement and we are looking forward to using our increased breadth of resources to keep providing high quality marketing for our clients."

Along with Legato Healthcare Marketing, the VSS group includes companies such as Sigmund Software, Medicfusion, VersaForm, DeviceTrak, and HealthPCP. Legato will be providing new marketing solutions and strategies for these organizations as well.

"This acquisition will enable VSS to create new, innovative healthcare solutions as a result of this important partnership," says Philip Turner, President and CEO of VSS Medical Technologies. "We are impressed with the Legato team and are excited to be working with such a dynamic and creative group."

VSS Medical Technologies specializes in investing and nurturing innovative healthcare companies that are leaders in their respective fields. VSS offers high quality solutions in areas such as revenue cycle management, practice and clinic management, hospital administration systems, workflow and endoscope management to adapt to the emerging needs of healthcare technology and services. Visit www.vssmedical.com for more information.

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