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NRHA Critical Access Hospital Conference

Sep. 23, 2021

Boosting Revenue Through Strategic Marketing and Coopetition: The Barrett Hospital & HealthCare Success Story

Thursday, September 23rd at 2:15 pm

Barrett Hospital & HealthCare CEO Ken Westman, along with Mike Milligan, president of Legato Healthcare Marketing, will co-present a virtual session titled “Boosting Revenue Through Strategic Marketing and Coopetition: The Barrett Hospital &HealthCare Success Story.” The session will be held during the NRHA Virtual Fall conference on Thursday, September 23rd at 2:15 pm.

Ken and Mike will share how BHHC identified new growth opportunities and how a bold decision to collaborate with the competition led to an unconventional “coopetition” that supported two new service lines. Learn how a strategic marketing plan was developed to align with BHHC’s operational goals, including raising awareness of its new services, and see specific tactics that helped BHHC achieve the highest revenue in 10 years.

 Learning Objectives

  • Learn the strategies and tactics that helped BHHC leverage two newly identified service opportunities.
  • Discover how making bold decisions can help your hospital grow referrals and add to the bottom line.
  • Understand the importance of a strategic marketing plan to drive revenue for your rural health organization.

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