Our Philosophy

At Legato Healthcare Marketing, our primary focus is healthcare so we are always in tune with the challenges healthcare organizations face and see opportunities others might not. So, whether it's healthcare reform, physician recruitment or declining reimbursement, we have the expertise needed to develop results-driven, strategic marketing solutions to keep your organization's goals in harmony with the current healthcare landscape.


Provide objective guidance to our clients, even when it's difficult



Leverage our collective wisdom


Committed in heart and mind


What we do, we do well


Do the right thing,
even when no one is looking

Our Environment

A supportive team environment is how we work at Legato. We treat each other fairly, with respect, and with dignity, creating a workplace where teammates feel safe and are encouraged to share ideas, voice concerns and offer constructive feedback. Our environment fosters creativity and growth, allowing us to challenge each other, learn from each other and seek new ideas.

We hold each other accountable for our actions, our work and in our core values of leadership, collaboration, passion, quality and integrity. If there is a conflict, we resolve it peacefully and professionally, focusing on finding solutions rather than placing blame. We understand that failure happens, and we're not afraid of it. We learn from it and move forward.

When it comes down to it, our Legato team has each other’s backs. We support and champion for one another and in turn, truly celebrate our successes. Scroll below to see what makes the Legato culture so successful.

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