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When Mike Milligan founded Legato Healthcare Marketing over a decade ago, his vision was to bring his expertise to areas of healthcare that were underserved. Soon, Mike had a firm footing in the world of rural healthcare. He became a trusted thought leader for rural hospitals and helped hospitals grow volumes and profits in spite of a tumultuous and competitive marketplace. Ever industrious and curious, Mike and his growing team saw areas of opportunity in behavioral health, specialty clinics, and medical technology which has resulted in the robust collection of healthcare marketing services we offer today. 

Fast-forward to today: Legato Healthcare Marketing is proud to announce our digital division, Legato Digital, to offer data-driven strategies and solutions for our healthcare clients as well as clients from other industries across the country.


Because healthcare is our primary focus, we are always in tune with the challenges healthcare organizations face and see opportunities others might not. So whether it's healthcare reform, physician recruitment or declining reimbursement, we have the expertise needed to develop results-driven, strategic marketing solutions to keep your organization's goals in harmony with the current healthcare landscape.


As the industry changes, so do we. Legato Healthcare Marketing offers a full suite of traditional and new marketing services, along with strategy and development.

Our services include: Business planning, marketing planning, crisis management, public relations, website design and development, pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimization, social media management, creative development, TV, radio, research, video production, and publications.


Our Planning process

Legato recommends the development of a long-term, comprehensive marketing plan using the Legato Planning Process. This process allows for the alignment of marketing objectives with overall organizational goals, and it puts together a framework for achieving these objectives and goals. The four stages of the Legato Planning Process dive into the unique challenges and opportunities specialty clinics face to ensure we create a custom-designed plan.





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