ISHMPR Fall Conference 2020

Oct. 16, 2020

Case Study: Connecting Authentically Isn’t Just a Fairytale! The Importance of Storytelling in Healthcare Marketing–Chapter One: Ely Bloomenson Community Hospital

Sponsored by Legato Healthcare Marketing and presented by Legato Healthcare Marketing and Ely Bloomenson Community Hospital

Friday, October 16th
9:00 am CST

As a critical access hospital, Ely Bloomenson Community Hospital in Ely, Minnesota needed to build brand reputation within the community, while at the same time, build employee pride, demonstrate culture for recruitment and increase patient engagement–all while in a pandemic! By utilizing storytelling from the employee perspective, EBCH was able to demonstrate how they make a difference in the lives of their people, who in turn, make a difference in the lives of the people in the community. 

Join EBCH and Legato Healthcare Marketing to hear about Chapter One of this story, and how it sets the foundation to extend and grow their storytelling concept.

 Learn how EBCH:

  • Capitalized on the “healthcare heroes” moment amidst a pandemic
  • Increased employee engagement by involving them directly 
  • Boosted recruitment efforts by humanizing their brand
  • Built patient and community confidence 
  • Plans to extend and grow this concept into future chapters


Website by: Craig Erskine