Marketing Communications

Legato delivers on a full range of local, regional, and national media and advertising channels to help our clients strategically communicate with their targeted audiences.

Great communication goes beyond just helping businesses and organizations reach their audiences. We take things a step further and create well-thought out messaging that promotes, informs and engages, which we execute through our strategic media planning.   

Media Planning - Traditional and Digital

When developing a media plan, we evaluate all advertising channels available, including print, digital, radio, television, outdoor, and direct marketing, to determine which, or all, are the right choice for sharing our client’s message. The media we put into place stretches budgets, increases voice and brand recognition while delivering maximum frequency.

The planning process includes:

  • Analyzing market segmentation and media metrics.
  • Evaluating media options available to deliver a marketing-minded media plan with documented media rationale. 
  • Developing a media strategy based on optimal media mix, geographic priorities, advertising pattern and depth of media mix that supports objectives, priorities and media budget.
  • Content development occurs throughout the media planning process and is established from advertising goals combined with brainstorming, research, and client input and feedback.
  • Negotiating for maximum return on your advertising investment. 

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