Legato Marketing

In order to have an effective marketing strategy it needs to be firmly rooted in information-based planning.

Legato believes that, despite the many common characteristics that exist among both consumers and providers of health services, market differences warrant custom-designed plans.

Legato Planning Process

Our planning process allows you to align your brand with your organization’s vision and future strategy. The four-stage approach to planning dives into the unique challenges and opportunities healthcare organizations face to ensure we create a customized plan.


We uncover the unique cultural characteristics and business goals of each organization, the competitive landscape in which they operate, and the consumer attitudes/needs found in your market. The plan articulates specific measurable objectives, key services, strategies, and integrated tactics.

The final deliverable is a comprehensive marketing plan your organization “owns” because you have had a hand in its construction. By working side-by-side, we achieve marketing success together.

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