3 Ways to Overcome a Physician Shortage at Your Urology Clinic

Aug. 08, 2017

It's a familiar situation: You've got a great facility, great support staff, and even perhaps a waitlist of patients. But you are struggling with a physician shortage. The quality of care your urology clinic provides depends on the quality of your physicians, so recruiting quality physicians is an absolute must.

How to Overcome a Physician Shortage & Find Quality Physicians

In the world of urology clinics, physician shortage might seem like a constant problem.  But it doesn't have to be. If your practice is having trouble attracting and recruiting quality talent, consider if you're presenting your best self when hunting for candidates.

1. Sell Yourself Better

Physicians are much more likely to consider working for you if they've heard of you. Your physician shortage may be a simple matter of lack of awareness. How are your marketing efforts going? It may be time for a general brand awareness campaign for your urology clinic, or even a rebranding.

If potential physicians are aware of you, do they know enough? Do they know what a great team you have? What wonderful benefits do you offer? How your urology clinic is unparalleled in staff and patient satisfaction? You might consider:

  • Producing a comprehensive recruitment video
  • Creating a landing page on your website exclusively for recruitment

A great place to start recruiting is at the source: Capture the best and brightest right out of medical school by sending recruitment information to their schools and representing your urology clinic at career fairs.

2. Get Results with Benefits

The best physicians can afford to be choosy. Don't remove yourself from consideration because you're not willing to be competitive. Think of ways to entice a sought-after provider: flexible hours, profit sharing, student loan payback, and other perks that larger systems wouldn't be able to offer their urologists (and that smaller clinics haven't thought of yet!). And be sure to let future applicants know about these great benefits:

  • Have current providers give testimonials on your recruitment landing page
  • Create case studies on the success of offering better benefits in recruitment

3. Overcome geography

Physician recruitment is even more difficult if your urology clinic is in a rural setting. Make your little corner of the world attractive by using recruitment materials to celebrate the unique community your clinic is in. Talk about your top-rated school district and many year-round activities. Also, consider providing relocation packages so a move seems more feasible. In addition to your recruitment materials, consider including this information in a particularly powerful kind of marketing:

  • Referral emails: Yes, you're used to sending emails from your clinic to primary care providers. No, you're not used to asking them to refer physicians to you. But this technique, which is successful in patient acquisition, can also work to overcome a physician shortage. With just a single click, providers can help spread the word for you.

So what's next?

Try some of these techniques to see your physician shortage become a thing of the past. Urology clinics face increasing challenges in our evolving marketplace, but with the right strategies you'll have the best and brightest begging to work at your clinic.

Stay tuned to learn more about overcoming physician shortage.

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