Deciding Where to Focus your Healthcare Marketing … Montana Style

Mar. 20, 2019

Written by: Mike Milligan, Legato Healthcare Marketing President 

Chelsea Rank, Legato Marketing Manager, and I recently had the pleasure of presenting at the Montana Healthcare Communications and Development Association (MHCCDA) annual conference. This was Legato’s third year presenting! We met new friends and spent time with our Montana clients -- Barrett Hospital & Healthcare and Beartooth Billings Clinic

A lot was learned from each other during our presentations. We led a session on marketing to millennials and we facilitated a “Think Tank” on various rural healthcare marketing topics.

One of the most discussed issues was how to focus your limited marketing resources. We reviewed criteria to consider when forming your marketing goals and priorities: 

  • Community Goodwill
  • Competitive advantage
  • Alignment with strategic plan
  • Downstream revenue
  • Profit
  • Alignment with Community Health Needs Assessment
  • Image of organization
  • Umbrella effect
  • Capitalize on competitive weakness
  • Focus on attractive payor mix
  • Reimbursement
  • Patient retention
  • Employee or provider retention/recruitment

Thank you, Montana! We loved spending time with our friends out west, sharing stories and catching up on happenings with our families.

Whether or not you joined the MHCCDA conference, please contact me at or 920.544.8102 ext. 101, if you would like a copy of our millennial presentation or more details on our marketing plan prioritization process.

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