Digital is Dead

Apr. 01, 2019

The tips and trends you need to know about

Say goodbye to the antiquated notion that successful marketing is a nuanced and strategic blend of traditional and new media. Where once we’d go on and on about SEO this and SEM that, harping on about the importance of blogs, Google AdWords, and talking about what the kids today are using for the latest social media hashtag, we are now confident in making a new declaration: 

Digital is dead.

Unplug with us and check out these up-and-coming new marketing techniques that will replace digital strategy with solid results:

Phone Booth Ads  We know the benefits of “layered marketing” and “multiple touch points.” When you combine the power of phone book ads with phone booth ads? Well, you’ve basically got a license to print money. You’re welcome.

Horse-Drawn Omnibus Advertisements  In the ever-changing world of marketing, one thing is for sure: horse-drawn omnibuses are here to stay—and so is their potential for ad space. Get in on the potential to reach literally dozens of people by taking out a big ad on the front or side of your community’s horse-drawn omnibus!

Have Your Hospital Featured In the Latest Radio Drama  Picture this: You and your family have just settled down around the transistor radio to listen to your favorite radio drama. All of a sudden, one of your beloved heroes from the show mentions, yes, YOUR healthcare facility! Perhaps the brave character broke his leg or needs to visit his mother. There’s no reason why the facility name shouldn’t be yours.

Last but not least … slice in a little fun into your marketing and Celebrate APRIL FOOLS DAY!!!

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