Healthcare Marketing in 2018: The Ultimate Guide

Dec. 28, 2017

Trends are not always easy to predict, nor do they always have the influence we think they might have (Bitcoin, anyone?). But how we prepare for them or react to them can make all the difference. We've examined some healthcare marketing data and put together a list of what we might expect in 2018. Some of this list will look familiar and some will be new. Regardless, it's important to start thinking of these things now so you can plan for success.

Digital Developments

More sophisticated searches, content that means something, and mobile mobile mobile. Here's what to look for in digital:

  • Video Rules: Content continues to be king, and video rules them all. Consumers are looking for high quality content from their providers or other trusted resources to educate them on health issues. The takeaway here: keep the blogs but add more vlogs.
  • Content Counts: You can't get anything past the ever-learning Google! If you want your healthcare facility to make the top of searches, you'll need comprehensive, developed content, not just good keywords.
  • Mobility: Google rankings will also depend on the strength of your website. Make sure it's optimized for all platforms, especially mobile.

Physicians as Freelancers

Increasing numbers of physicians are opting for a different model of employment. They are choosing to become either independent contractors, making rounds at many different facilities, or part of a physicians group serving a larger area. Fewer and fewer are employed solely by one facility. This is often a more economical solution for both providers and facilities, but it presents marketing challenges that need to be handled with care.

Impatience with Patient Portals

For healthcare facilities, electronic health records and online patient processing can be a godsend. For patients, however, the system must be intuitive and easy. Spare patients the frustration of online registration and messaging by making sure your patient portal software works for your facility and your patients.

Cultivate Culture

Patients can tell when a facility is well run and has a staff that enjoys their employment. In 2018 more than ever, patient satisfaction will be predicted by employee satisfaction. Healthcare CEOs will be challenged with creating positive culture or growing the culture that is in place.

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