Legato Supports Healthcare at the Wisconsin State Capitol

Apr. 19, 2019

By: Chelsea Rank and Patty Kitowski 

Former Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson opened the day at Wisconsin Hospital Association’s 2019 Advocacy Day at the Monona Terrace in Madison. His personal successes while in office, he indicated, were the creation of BadgerCare, as well as the development of Medicare Part D, both of which still exist today. The main takeaway from his opening address was this:

“No idea is a ‘Republican idea,’ and no idea is a ‘Democratic idea.’ Healthcare is a bipartisan issue and we need to work together to advance.”


Pictured: Former Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson (L) and Eric Borgerding, President/CEO of WHA (R)


Following the opening address was one of the most energizing parts of the day: The State Legislative Panel. The panel consisted of State Senator Howard Marklein (R), State Senator LaTonya Johnson (D), State Representative John Nygren (R), and State Representative Evan Goyke (D). Among the issues discussed and debated were:

  • Medicaid expansion (currently a focus of Governor Evers’ proposed budget)
  • The creation of a dental bill (“dental therapy”) for low-income individuals
  • Mental health access, including solutions for the opioid addiction epidemic

After the panel discussion, we listened to Governor Tony Evers during lunch. He kept his speech brief, but his key points involved supporting and building upon increases in reimbursements for hospitals, as well as the growing cost-shift from Medicaid.



Pictured: Governor Tony Evers


Next was the presentation of WHA awards. Legato’s client, friend, and partner Reedsburg Area Medical Center earned the Advocacy All-Star Award! (Again, congratulations to Bob Van Meeteren and the rest of the RAMC team on their work toward advocating for high-quality health in Wisconsin!)



Pictured: Bob Van Meeteren, President/CEO of Reedsburg Area Medical Center


We closed out the day with legislative visits at the Capitol. As attendees of WHA’s Advocacy Day, our mission was to discuss with senators and representatives how key issues such as Medicaid reimbursement and telehealth laws are impacting our local hospitals and the quality of care that is delivered.

Wisconsin hospitals are ranked #4 out of 50 by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality in 11 of the last 12 reported years. We want to ensure that our state’s healthcare system continues to bring that high quality to patients, as well as healthcare employees and their families. Therefore, our “ask” for government was to continue to work with WHA to adopt policies that support our healthcare and to keep us ahead of the curve.  


Pictured: Patty Kitowski, Legato Senior Marketing Manager (L) and Chelsea Rank, Legato Marketing Manager (R)

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