Marketing Your GI Clinic with Online Patient Reviews

Jan. 22, 2019

3 ways to get started today


Using patient reviews to market your GI clinic can be a game-changer when it comes to increasing patient volume. This quick read will show you why it is vital to your clinic and how to get started today. 

“Patient experience” has become a fundamental marketing element not only for GI clinics but for rural hospitals and other specialty practices across the country. In fact, the “experience” is often the most important consideration that drives consumers to a specific practice or provider. 

The best way to convey the patient experience is in the words of the patients themselves. The following numbers show how critical it is to incorporate patient reviews into your marketing strategy.

According a recent Software Advice survey:

  • 72% of patients use online reviews as their first step in finding a new doctor.
  • 82% consult a reviews website with some frequency to view or post comments and ratings of healthcare staff.
  • 91% say they would be at least “moderately likely” to choose one similarly qualified doctor over another based on positive reviews.


How do you get the patient reviews?

It’s easier than you might think. Simply ask and make it easy to respond.


Three ways to get you started:

1. Create a website homepage slider. Some call it a “rotator.” Others call it a “carousel.” Put simply, it’s like a slideshow on your website that quickly grabs visitors’ attention. Slides/Images can transition automatically after a certain amount of time and/or users can click-through the carousel to move from one image to the next. Sliders are an easy and effective way to show visitors on your site what you want them to see or do.

For example, you can use a slider to:

Solicit patient reviews. Here’s an example of a slider Legato created to allow patients to quickly and easily provide feedback about their experience. 

Highlight positive reviews your clinic has received (with a patient’s permission, of course).

Tell a story through images and/or patient video testimonials.


2. Develop digital referral cards. As part of a comprehensive digital strategy for GI Associates, Legato created a digital hand-out card to encourage online reviews from patients. The card included multiple ways to provide feedback. These calls to action were repeated in other print materials as well. And patients responded – positively!

3. Link and link again. Don’t make your patients search for ways to leave a review. Provide them with a direct link whenever you get the chance. For example: Have a tablet/iPad at your front desk with direct links to your review profiles; and/or include links in your newsletter or other email communications.


How to use your patient reviews

As you collect positive reviews, continue to showcase these real-life patient experiences in a variety of ways. For example:

Use the power of video testimonials to fuel your digital marketing efforts. Testimonial videos can be used across platforms (e.g., social media, TV) and can enhance your website content with actual “proof” of the quality of care your clinic provides – as told by actual patients.

Quote your avid supporters. In addition to testimonial videos, patients’ heartfelt comments can be used in the form of a quote accompanied by a photo. Patients’ positive reviews can also be mined from social media by monitoring conversations surrounding your clinic. (Reminder: You’ll need written consent before using a patient’s comments.)


Follow through by tracking reviews

Many software packages are available to help you track online reviews. But if you’re not ready to invest in a complex monitoring tool, use Legato’s web reputation template as a guide to help you develop your own tracking system.

To request the complimentary template, or to further discuss how you can leverage the power of patient experience data for your GI practice, reach out to Mike Milligan today at or call 920-544-8102, EXT 101.

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