Nurturing Referral Partnerships to Grow your Urology Practice

Mar. 21, 2018

If you build it, they will come.

Take a quick trip down memory lane with me and view this brief iconic premonition. While it served well as nostalgia on the big screen in The Field of Dreams, when it comes to your urology practice, it's the worst business advice ever given.

Rather than dreams, you need a focused marketing plan built on attracting patients and nurturing your relationship with referring physicians.

One relationship at a time

The first doctrine in referral marketing is to treat every referral source as a customer.  What is their experience with you and your staff?  Are you accessible?  Do you collaborate?  Do you properly communicate results of their patients' visits?

Then it comes down to dynamic marketing, combining traditional methods with modern digital techniques:

  • Foster referral relationships with face-to-face visits. Come prepared with introductory marketing materials, educational pieces, and communication methods to reach you easily.
  • Implement outreach programs to co-market, such as a kidney stone program with an urgent care clinic. Also keep in mind health observances throughout the year, such as Prostate Health Month in September or Infertility and Sexually Transmitted Diseases Awareness in April. These are additional opportunities to co-market with primary care referring partners.
  • Develop and distribute clinically focused annual reports, such as this one produced by OhioHealth.
  • Create email campaigns, such as this one we produced for our client, Urology Associates. This was an extremely effective way to stay visible with referring physicians, while communicating updated PSA screening guidelines.
  • Publish blog posts, eBooks, radio podcasts or videos in tandem with referral sources.
  • Build a database of referring providers, and segment and communicate to them based on their current referral patterns and engagement with your practice.
  • Connect with referral sources across social media channels and engage in their published content. This will ensure you stay top-of-mind and will encourage reciprocation, so your provider partners can be apprised on the latest news from your clinic and become more acquainted with your providers too.

Interested in learning more? We'd love to hear from you.  Please contact me anytime for an informal conversation of what your challenges may be, and to pick my brain on ways you can grow your business exponentially.

Let us share some case studies of how other physician practices have combined traditional and digital marketing, along with an aggressive referral strategy, to attract more patients and develop a recurring revenue model with current and prospective patients.

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