SEO: Smoke and Mirrors or Science?

Jan. 11, 2018

How search engine optimization can help your rehab center attract more clients

Unless you're knee deep into digital marketing, SEO or search engine optimization, might seem like a mysterious, confusing concept. In reality, it's more of a science than an art form. As an addiction and behavioral health treatment provider, you monitor your patients closely, watching for trends and behavioral triggers. You also likely use outcomes as the basis for your treatment protocols.

SEO works much in the same way. But, before diving in, it's important to separate SEO from Pay-Per-Click, or PPC, which is when popular search engines like Google allow businesses and individuals to buy ad listings on their search results. The business or individual bids on specific and relevant keywords they want to target. When their target audience searches for a keyword, their ad listings appear above or below organic search results. The business or individual only pays the search engine when an ad is clicked on.

Recently, Google made headlines by limiting PPC search terms for addiction treatment to protect those seeking treatment from misleading advertising. These limitations are good for patient safety and also increase the importance of a solid inbound strategy.

Modern age of patient acquisition

SEO is different from PPC; it's the practice of improving your website so that it attracts more visitors from search engines. It helps put your content in front of a relevant target audience at times when they are searching for solutions that you offer. SEO turns strangers from search engines into new visitors on your website.

When thinking about your SEO, it's essential to understand that 62% of people use smartphones to search for health-related information. Compared to desktop computer users, people searching on a mobile device are more likely to actually contact the facility. This tells us that your future patients want access to information quickly and while on the go. It also reveals that if they can find what they are looking for, they are willing to 'pull the trigger' and visit your website, submit a form, or make the call.

Like you, your competitors are online and fighting for shelf-space. That's why good SEO is so important. By choosing the right keywords, you will increase your visibility, draw valuable visitors to your website, and be competitive in local searches. And, when you increase your visibility, you also build trust and increase your credibility.

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