Webinar: Nurture, Empower, and Engage Your Community to Grow Patient Volumes

Apr. 18, 2017

How Rural Hospitals Can Increase Service Lines, Patient Volume, & Revenue

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By: Mike Milligan, President

As I visit with rural hospitals across the country, I hear many of the same challenges.  It's no secret that rural hospitals are struggling to compete against larger systems. But amid the gloom that sometimes overshadows our industry, there are many stories of triumph.  Of success.  Of overcoming the odds and showing us all that it can be done.

The fact is, you can not only survive, but you can actually thrive, in this competitive environment.  But it takes a healthy balance of making courageous operational decisions, balanced with implementing sound marketing strategies.

One of our clients, Howard Memorial Hospital in Nashville, Arkansas, through the leadership and vision of its CEO Debra Wright, demonstrated first hand that bigger isn't always better.  She and her leadership team focused on profitable service lines and make some tough choices.  And she engaged her community in innovative ways that will impact her hospital for generations to come.

I'll provide more details on the "how" in our upcoming NRHA webinar on April 26, and through our joint presentation on May 10, at this year's NRHA Rural Healthcare Innovation Summit in San Diego.   Howard Memorial dramatically increased primary care volumes and grew outpatient procedures by 48% in a 3-year time period.  You read that right, 48%.

It's been a journey, and it certainly isn't over.  A large part of our strategy centered around engaging with the community.  For starters, this requires:

  • Understanding your community and its needs
  • Attracting the right type of providers for your community
  • Collaboration between your hospital/providers and patients to design, manage and achieve positive health outcomes
  • Taking steps to improve employee satisfaction

It all comes down to this: When you invest in your rural hospital, you invest in your community. The right messaging, service line prioritization and strategic operational decisions can help you build volumes.

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Find out how to nurture, empower and engage both your community and organization while meeting your organization's objective of increasing patient volume and revenue. Hear how Howard Memorial Hospital used new tactics to execute campaigns and how service line developments led to higher revenue.

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