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Edgewater Health provides high quality, compassionate primary care and behavioral health services. Their 40 years of experience have taught them that physical health and mental health are interconnected. They are committed to the “whole person” and treating their patients with well-rounded, full-circle care.


From Edgewater Systems to Edgewater Health: Simple and straightforward, this name is a big umbrella under which all of Edgewater’s services can thrive. Edgewater Health is easy to identify and easy to brand. It mitigates the (unwarranted) stigma that behavioral health sometimes has because it broadens the scope of Edgewater’s services: It’s not purely “mental” and it’s not all “physical” health conditions; this name signals an understanding that good healthcare takes both into account. 


As part of this rebranding project, we created a new logo, revamped their website, updated their brochures and ad look and feel, and created new environmental signage.The updated Edgewater Health logo represents two entities coming together – mental health and physical health. Together, Edgewater can provide a unique approach to care that is focused on the whole person. The water shape that appears in the mark is also a stylized letter “E.”

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