LSI Medical Technologies

building awareness, one duct tape at a time


For more than 30 years, LSI has offered customized, telemetry monitoring solutions for the healthcare industry. In today's ever-changing healthcare environment, LSI leads the way in providing time-saving cardiopulmonary solutions you can trust, supported by reliable customer support.

The primary objective of this project was to build awareness and confidence within the rural healthcare market in LSI’s wireless patient monitoring system and also to invite NRHA conference attendees to a special reception to learn more about LSI's capabilities. 



We created this concept after learning that some hospitals choose to "fix" their monitors by using duct tape to hold them together. This short-lived solution does not last long and that's where LSI comes in. Hospitals should invest in a product that will stand the test of time, has the best quality, and reliable customer service. Through a targeted direct mail approach we sent potential clients a box containing a roll of branded LSI duct tape and a mini booklet highlighting the services and features that LSI offers. The overall message of this direct mail piece is that LSI patient monitoring systems offer rural healthcare organizations a reliable monitoring system that’s scalable, customizable, and provides unmatched support to meet their patient needs. 




direct mailer 

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