Barrett Hospital & Healthcare

As Unique as the people we treat

Thanks in part to perceptions that Barrett Hospital & HealthCare was exclusive and expensive due to their beautiful new facility, patient volumes weren’t growing as they should have been. Community engagement and education was necessary to convey the message that Barrett was accessible, with down-to-earth, relatable providers. Making physicians more visible and approachable was an opportunity for growth, as well as increasing the audience’s preference to use primary care services.

We presented the primary care providers at Barrett as both a team and as unique individuals, associating each member with a special hobby or interest. This “As Unique as the People We Treat” campaign gave a little bit of information on each provider, suggesting that any member of the public would be able to find a provider to match his or her needs and interests. The body copy expanded on the importance of primary care. Direct mail, print ads, and outdoor boards conveyed these messages.

primary care campaign





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