As a proven leader in rural healthcare marketing, Legato has the expertise to create results-driven, B2B campaigns that help you reach decision makers at all stages of the sales funnel, to generate qualified leads, improve conversion rates and ultimately drive sales. We know how to speak to, and reach, the rural healthcare decision makers to shorten the path to purchase.


Data is king and we use it to inform our decisions and guide our process from start to finish, including ongoing measurement and reporting. Using market research, we develop buyer personas, so we know exactly who to target and what’s important to each persona. We then harness the power of Google’s machine learning in our keyword research to not only make sure your company is found when prospects are searching, but also to build content that leads your prospects through the conversion funnel to become your customer and brand advocate.

Sales Funnel


Marketing is no longer a “push” model, but rather a “pull” model. You cannot push out one message and hope to reach all prospects. Rural health decision makers must be led through the conversion funnel in a helpful manner that addresses their specific needs and questions. At Legato, we use well-thought out, highly effective inbound marketing tactics and tools (including marketing websites, CRM automation, and lead management) to make the sales experience unique and personalized. By addressing specific needs and questions within our content strategy, we are able to lead your prospects through their purchase journey in a helpful, relevant, and non-salesy manner. The path to purchase is rarely linear, but with a thoughtful content strategy, your prospect’s path is always pointed to conversion.

Content marketing is key

Content is at the heart Legato’s inbound marketing efforts and this starts with creating a personalized sales experience for rural health decision makers. We develop content that educates, informs and engages through extensive research, market analysis, and client shared information to really understand the rural health decision maker. This allows us to deliver the right message at the right time, while always fostering a connection with your brand, building confidence, and demonstrating your organization’s differentiating factors and solutions.

the buyer's journey and content

Buyers Journey

Converting leads into opportunities

Let us help you connect with rural health decision makers, convert leads and drive sales. Schedule a consultation with our team today by calling (920) 544-8102 or click the graphic below for our complete contact information, we are ready to use our expertise to help boost your B2B sales.

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